ART. SC350 - Waxing machine for Ski and Snowboard

category: Wax machine

The SC350 - R40 Acewax hot ski and snowboard waxing machine complete of brush - stands out by its easiness and quickness
of execution.
Its features make this waxer essential for both workshops and rentals.
Equipped with a powered resistance (2500w) adjustable by the new temperature controller and a fan which heat up the new waxing
Because of its unique characteristics , performance and very competitive price the SC350 is aimed at the medium to high
quality sector of the winter sports market.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: SC350C carriage with self-locking castors

1-Easy to use;
2-Reduced consumption of ski wax during machining;
3-Extremely low fume emission;
4-Shortened waxing times for skis and snowboard.

Tecnical date:
Machine dimensions: mm. 510x600x380h;
Volt : 230/50;
Total current consumption: Kw.2,37;
Heating element: W 2500;
Temperature: Variable from 0° C to 93° C
Belt dimensions :472x340;
Weight: Kg. 65;
Dimension of the carriage: 520x520x630h;
Weight: Kg. 19 .

Nylon or Scotch-Brite brushes;
1 Kg. Ski wax lumps;
Scotch brite sleeves;
Carriage .